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Restaurant Website

Website matters to your customers. Make yourself a professional online presence and give customers confidence in your brand.

Inside a japanese restaurant, people are dining quietly
Fully designed by Tastebean, no DIY

Your website is designed by experts. Looks good on any device.

Engineered for SEO and performance

Your website is built with best practices and proven to deliver results.

Sell online and accept reservations

Your website can go one step further beyond a marketing platform, let your customers order directly from you.

Designed for F&B

Make your first impression

Own your entire restaurant online.

  • Security with HTTPS

    All websites on Tastebean use a secure HTTPS connection. This ensures your customers' data are protected when they are on public wifi.

  • No coding skills required

    We do all the technical heavy-lifting. No need to worry about paying a developer for linux server, content delivery networks, data center etc.

  • Use custom domain

    Bought a domain? Link it to our system and start promoting <yourbrand>.com!

  • Live chat with your customers

    Our system allows you to have a live chat on your website so that your customers can talk to you anytime. Away from computer? Leave a friendly automated message!

  • Integrate with Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics

    Want to know more about page views and performance? Just add your tracking code and the system starts tracking immediately!

Frequently asked questions

Can I use my own domain?

Yes! By default, we provide a free domain <yourbrand>.tastebean.com, but if you have your own domain, you can connect it to our service.

Will my website be secure?

Yes! We take internet security very seriously. All websites connected to Tastebean will only be served via HTTPS connection. This means your customers can browse your website safely even when they are using public WiFi as all your website traffic will be encrypted.

Why does Tastebean not support drag-and-drop(DnD) website design?

Tastebean is intentionally made without DnD as DnD sounds good on paper but actually requires tremendous amount of design talent to create something nice. Instead of DnD, our design team creates beautiful website templates, engineered by us to perform well on SEO, be mobile responsive, and load fast.

Can I integrated analytics tool into my website?

Yes! We have support for Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics.

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