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  • We can look into implementing your suggestions into Tastebean

Early Access Discount

This price is only available as part of our Early Access Discount. Sign ups after Early Access Discount has ended will be billed at our normal price.

Frequently asked questions

Why are you calling it early access?

We're really happy with the features we've put together so far, but we've still got a ton more we're planning to build. Tastebean is already a market-ready product that is helping many F&B businesses, but we have so much more planned for Tastebean. Instead of waiting until we've finished building Tastebean entirely, we decided to open it up as soon as we had enough to be useful so you can start getting value from it right away. We'll be adding new features on a regular basis, based on our own ideas and on suggestions from early access customers.

Why is the Tastebean subscription so cheap?

There are few reasons for this. For one, this is very much a passion project. We founded Tastebean because we too are F&B business owners ourselves and we are tired of F&B technology that charges so much that it makes ROI unsustainable. Tastebean is also 100% created in-house and not a single line of code is outsourced. This allows us to keep our cost down.

What is the normal price once Early Access Discount is over?

We are still debating internally as to what the monthly pricing should be. Our goal is to make Tastebean affordable for F&B business owners. We are approximating our price to be around RM 200/mo.

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