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Marketing & Productivity

We streamline your administrative and marketing operations, you do what you do best — food, drinks and hospitality

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Reservation management, made easy

Your customers can book a table directly from your website, and reservations will show up directly on your dashboard.

Whitelabeled to your brand

From discovering your business to completing a purchase, your brand is placed at the front and center wherever possible. This includes system emails for order confirmation, reservation updates, etc.

Remind your customers to celebrate with you

Our CRM automatically reminds your customer to celebrate their birthdays and anniversary with you again every year.

Designed for F&B

We integrate into your workflow

Tastebean is not another online presence for you to manage. Tastebean is designed to help you manage other online presence.

  • Import your CRM data from existing sources

    Have you already collected CRM data from other systems in the past? You can import the data into our system.

  • No data reselling

    Your data is yours to keep. We do not resell your customer data.

  • Write down details that you would like to remember

    The customer loves your curry dish? Note that down and everyone on your team will be informed next time the customer comes back!

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Frequently asked questions

Do we resell data?

Nope, we do not resell any of our data to 3rd party. Your data is yours to keep.

Can I automatically send out a reward card for customers to leave me a review?

Nope. Incentivized reviews are considered unethical and major communities like TripAdvisor, Google, Yelp and more have strict guidelines in place that explicitly prohibit business owners from offering incentives for reviews. In some countries, incentivized reviews are also against the law.

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