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Photo shop of Chinatown, filled with restaurant signboards and people.

Made by a passionate team

Designed Purposefully

Running a F&B business is not easy, we understand. We founded Tastebean because we too run our own F&B businesses, and we didn't want solutions that will undermine our own business. You shouldn't have to cut profit or be forced into giving discounts.

Made for Owners

As a business owner, you should be able to dictate the way you run your business. Our efforts are focused on enabling you to improve your workflow rather than forcing you to adopt a new workflow. No need to sell discount coupons, no need to give away 35% of your profit. Grow your business the way you want.

Enhance Your Efforts

Most likely, you've already found a formula that works for your business. We do not seek to replace your formula. Instead, we design Tastebean to compliment your efforts, and help you automate tasks wherever possible, so that you can do more with less.

Giving the Power Back

We see more and more services that are made for consumers. Some of them give big discounts at your expense, promising you new customers. Some of them promise you customer traffic, but take a huge cut of your revenue. Some businesses benefit from these services, but many don't. Yet if you avoid these services, you lose out on potential market. It's a lose lose situation.

Tastebean takes a stand against consumer-based apps. Very often, they promote paper-thin profit margin for F&B owners and make it difficult to keep a sustainable business. We provide you all the tools necessary to get online and let you keep your profits.

More Updates, More Features

Tastebean is not a one-and-done project for us. We have so many ideas and the F&B owners that we talk to, are constantly giving us brilliant feedbacks and suggestions. We are constantly working on more features for you and Tastebean will continue to get better over time.

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