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Why Tastebean is Different

We created Tastebean because we are restaurant owners ourselves.

There are many F&B-related apps out there, but how many are actually helping your business in a meaningful way? We were tired of paying for services that cost way too much and generate little to no results. We are here to change that.

Taking on a business-first approach

Photo of a man preparing noodle with Hong Kong-style roasts meat Photo by Louis Hansel

Unlike many F&B startups out there which are made for consumers (to enjoy discounts, convenience, etc.), we are made for restaurant owners. We realize that consumer-centric applications often hurt businesses as they offer unrealistic discounts to create "viral" traffic or promise you high number of customers if you list on their service. While they bring some traffic, their effectiveness is questionable. We realize that we incur so much cost from these services and they rarely are as good as they claim to be.

Instead, we created Tastebean to build something for owners. We give you all the features and tools you need to run a successful restaurant so that you can take back the control. Stop paying for exorbitant services.

We didn't conjure Tastebean out of thin air

Tastebean isn't something we thought of while sitting on a couch sipping margaritas. We are restaurant owner ourselves, and we faced the problems that plague the industry. Tastebean is our way of addressing these problems that we face ourselves, and also faced by many others. We bring on a realistic understanding of the industry and tech to solve actual and real problems.

Committed to building a great product

Tastebean is very much a passion project. We love the F&B industry and we want to give back to the community that has given to us. To date, Tastebean operates on 0 hiring, 0 investors, 0 outsourcing. Every line of code and every feature is developed internally by only 2 people.

Listening to feedback & suggestions

The product is only good if you think it's good. We are constantly receiving great suggestions and feedbacks from owners, and we implement them wherever possible. Tastebean is built for owners to improve their marketing and productivity, and naturally, we take owner feedbacks and feature suggestions seriously.


City skyline of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia Photo by CK Yeo

We are very proud of the fact that Tastebean is a Malaysian startup and product. Contrary to many startups, we didn't just buy a product from overseas and rebrand it. Neither do we rent cheap offices in Malaysia and outsource our labour (code) to other countries and claim to be a Malaysian startup. Tastebean is a properly and proudly Malaysian-made product, with every line of code written internally!

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