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Own your restaurant
— Online.

Website, gift cards, online ordering, delivery and a suite of marketing tools, all in one place.

A cafe owner smiling away from the camera while a barista makes coffee in the background

Everything you need to own your online presence

We do it for you. So you can focus on your restaurant.

Restaurant Website

Website matters to your customers. Make yourself a professional online presence and give customers confidence in your brand.

  • Fully designed by Tastebean, no DIY

    Your website is designed by experts. Looks good on any device.

  • Engineered for SEO and performance

    Your website is built with best practices and proven to deliver results.

  • Sell online and accept reservations

    Your website can go one step further beyond a marketing platform, let your customers order directly from you.

Preview of websites generated by Tastebean in various smart devices


Extend your brand with a store on your website. Our system is designed to let you keep your profits.

  • Online ordering

    Our system lets you sell food via self pick-up and delivery. Additionally, you can also sell digital gift cards.

  • Money goes straight to you

    We do not hold your payment. All the revenue goes straight into your bank account.

  • 1% transaction fee

    You prepared the meal, you keep the profits.

Dashboard UI of a new order appearing

Marketing & Productivity

We streamline your administrative and marketing operations, you do what you do best — food, drinks and hospitality

  • Reservation management, made easy

    Your customers can book a table directly from your website, and reservations will show up directly on your dashboard.

  • Whitelabeled to your brand

    From discovering your business to completing a purchase, your brand is placed at the front and center wherever possible. This includes system emails for order confirmation, reservation updates, etc.

  • Remind your customers to celebrate with you

    Our CRM automatically reminds your customer to celebrate their birthdays and anniversary with you again every year.

Sample of an order confirmation email received by customers, illustrating that the emails are whitelabeled to the client's brand

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